The law of attraction... the more positively you think, the more positively you experience life, perhaps. Even if you're not a fan of this philosophy, would it hurt to give it a go? Here's how you can.


What songs can you play to spark that drive to train and succeed. In the hour before you're due to train, race or test start your "Motivational" playlist, pick music that works for you. You should allow your mind to fill with positive thoughts and be overcome with the realisation that today you will achieve the next step in your journey to your overall goals.


What can you display to spark that drive to train and succeed. Visuals play a massive part in how our minds work. Something like a picture of your target event or even a smaller step like your next testing power goal. Display those in places you need reminding, this can be in front of your bike setup, near your bed if you train early morning, somewhere you'll notice it when you get back from a long day at work. If you have issues controlling what you eat then place a visual on your fridge or snack draw at work.

When your eyes clap sight of your visuals you should allow yourself to feel positively about reaching your goals and be overcome with determination and enthusiasm to reach the next step in your journey.


What power words can you repeat immediately before you train or race, or even when you're starting to struggle. Repeating mantras like "today I will succeed" before starting will open your mind to the probability of your success and make it all the more likely.

If you find yourself in need what can you repeat in order to reaffirm your understanding that today you will succeed in the next step to your overall goals. Something simple like "power, power, power" will remind your mind why you are pushing through the pain barrier.


What set of daily sayings can you repeat to yourself in order to allow your mind to think more positively. Find up to 30 short sentences that you can spend up to 20 seconds reading (each affirmation & 1-3 times per day in total). These can be anything but make sure they are proportionate to your life priorities. Include prayer about normal life, family, work, happiness and of course cycling.

When you cast your eyes across each one you should feel comfort in knowing that each day you become one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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