The performance mindset is the name given to a mindset that is focused on growth, either from a fitness-based perspective or a business and personal based perspective. It's a mindset that wants to develop and grow. Some people might refer to this as the growth mindset.

Discussed in this blog:

  1. What are the characteristics of someone with a performance mindset?
  2. What are the key elements to the performance mindset?
    1. Organisation and discipline
    2. Nutrition and sleep
    3. Motivation


What are the characteristics of someone with a performance mindset?

Driven, ambitious, organised, disciplined, positive and purposeful. They have a plan of action for their day and everything they do has a point. In short, they do not waste time.

This is true in professional athletes, some business people, and can be true in every day folk like us. We want our lives to be progressive and develop.

In the same way we want to be fitter, and faster on our bikes, our mindset shifts our focus towards the things that will make us faster; time in the gym, time training on the turbo, new lightweight components, and so on. We love anything that makes us quicker and better on our bikes.

This mindset is a huge part of my life and something that takes a lot of work to develop and maintain.



What are the key elements to the performance mindset?

  1. Organisation and discipline
  2. Nutrition and sleep
  3. Motivation

Organisation and discipline

Being organised and disciplined with your time is key!

Our time per day is limited, we only get 24 hours and we have to fit in work, eating, training, riding, family, and rest into this time. Being organised and disciplined with your time is a key component to developing that performance mindset.

Use a calendar, be disciplined with completing it, and stick to the goals you set yourself for the day.

When you do this you will see how much time you have and how valuable it is to having a positive mindset.



Nutrition and sleep

What we eat, and how much rest we get has a massive impact on our mindset. If we don’t keep fuelled and hydrated, we feel slow, lethargic, under fuelled and sluggish. If we have a poor diet, our immune system is less effective, and our mind doesn’t function as well as it could do. We don’t feel energised and our body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to perform at any task.

Likewise, our sleep is where we recover from stress, it is when our bodies spend the most time rebuilding muscle tissue damaged from training. Ensuring we get enough quality sleep is equally as important as time spent training. It is something that is often overlooked when it comes to the importance of it.




Motivation may seem like a strange thing to talk about, as a performance mindset is a motivated mindset, but it is important to know that motivation is never just high or low. People are not born as motivated individuals or unmotivated ones. It fluctuates and you might wake up today feeling like taking on the world and tomorrow wake up feeling awful.

However, we can influence how we feel via our behaviour and habits. Reading, meditating, walking or spending time in nature. Even having slower paced rides are all ways to keep our motivation up. When times get hard, rides don’t go our way or races result in poor results, our motivation will change.

The key to staying motivated is understanding that it fluctuates, and spending some time getting deep within yourself. Getting to know your mindset and your body, and learning triggers that demotivate you and what triggers motivate. This is a huge personal journey, so feel free to seek out help with this one. Be patient because it can take time, but it is worth it and key to developing a performance mindset.




With this you can see why it is important for everyone and it isn’t just something that is applicable to just professional athletes.

The performance (or growth) mindset is something worthy of your time. And key to developing yourself on the bike, and as an individual.

Get to work on that mindset, be happy about where you are and see yourself moving only one direction; forwards!

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