Recently Pav wrote really great blog on why being a Pro is well… not that great. One of the reasons is that boys and girls of pro peloton need to be very careful of how they fuel for both training and race days. No more cheeky Nando’s every weekend for them!

We asked both Chris Opie (SpokesFit Athlete) and Stefan Mastallar (SpokesFit Coach and Pro Racer) how they fuel for days in the saddle. Lets see if it's all work and no fun!


Behind every great man is… a great woman! Stefan is very lucky - his girlfriend is a phenomenal cook and loves spoiling him (his words not ours!). Let us show you what they have been eating in a day that Stefan had 4 hrs of riding with sweetspot efforts and the next day was 5 hrs of base training.


The day for Stefan starts fairly early with breakfast and coffee at 7.30am. Breakfast is Stefan's speciality. This day he had...Pancakes! His version avoids flour and is very healthy: eggs, ripe bananas, oats, nuts, rice milk. They are served with coconut yogurt, fresh fruits and maple syrup. Breakfast wouldn't be complete without a big cup of joe! We are drooling just thinking about it!


On the Bike

Stefan relies only on real food, which means there's no hakes, no gels or bars, no isotonic powders. He takes with him sandwiches, fruit and rice cakes!

Post ride

After the ride, Stefan has a recovery bowl - he blends frozen berries, bananas, yogurt & chia seeds. We can see why it's one of his favourites!


Lunch post big training days tends to be high in carbs and proteins to help with recovery. Today was curry made with chickpeas, quinoa, veggies and coconut milk - his partner's recipe! Yumm! Wish we were invited for lunch now! 

Afternoon Treats

As Stefan puts it - he tries to live his life as closely to a “normal” person so every now and again there's… Coffee and cake! 


Dinner usually depends on next days training. As Stefan was going to have a 5hr base training session the following day he went for Carb heavy Ravioli. Made with spinach, feta and pine nuts. Because who doesn't love pasta! 

As Stefan admits himself, his routine isn't perfect but it means he can still enjoy his food and not go too crazy! With training ramping up and competitions looming the nutrition will get more complex but for now it's time to enjoy the food his partner makes. 

Chris Opie

We caught up with Chris after his huge week of riding 40hrs and covering 1000km. That days was a gentle social spin with friends. Cause even pros need to have a bit of fun!


Let’s start the day right, shall we? With an almond croissant and a pain aux raisin! Breakfast on this day was definitely a treat! If it had been a more important part of the training cycle Chris would likely have had eggs and porridge or bagels or toast.

Post Ride

As it was a social spin, Chris wasn't feeling too tired or hungry so it was yogurt with berries. 


Now the dinner we could sign up to - Steak with sweet potato fries, garlic bread, large helping of salad and some roasted veggies. Getting ready for another great week of training!

That’s a wrap!

Not sure how you feel about this, but being a pro isn't all that bad. Especially if you get to eat like them… But do we have to put all the hard work in as well? :)

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