Remember the advice that everyone gave you when you were younger? Take the stairs not the elevator, help bring in the grocery shopping, and “stop going through life with minimal physical effort”... I give you permission to give it all up…

Covered in this blog:

  1. How your goals require you to be lazier
  2. How being lazy improves recovery
  3. How to be successful and lazy
  4. How being lazy affects athlete performance
Being lazy improves recovery


Legal disclaimer

Having recently been the subject of some rather intense hate (e)mails, the Spokes Legal Team have insisted in proof reading all my content. At this point I have been advised (ordered) to warn you that I (& SpokesFit Ltd.) accept no responsibility for any loss occurred as a result of following any of the advice I offer throughout this (& any of my other) blog posts or content. If you choose to implement any of these strategies, you do so at your own risk and I (& SpokesFit Ltd.) don’t want to hear ‘my wife/husband/partner (delete as appropriate) left me’, ‘my boss fired me’, ‘my kids disowned me’, and so on. Having said that, if you have been a victim of any of these atrocities, I have a spare room at my house that you are welcome to use until it all blows over (it’s not free…).


Being lazy


What is your goal?

Seriously, ask yourself this question. If you’re reading this, you are probably targeting some form of athletic achievement and while I admire you wanting to get more exercise in your day, do you think this is helping your recovery?

The odd walk with the family might help your recovery, much like a very slow ride on your bike, but more often than not, that walk or ride turns into something, well, not recovery. Recovery, for me at least, should be so easy that you're riding so slow that old ladies come past you - presumably flipping you off. Note, the old lady is not riding an e-bike, but is definitely flipping you off.

If your goal is to have arms longer than an orangutan, then keep bringing all the groceries in from the car in one go - that’s what will happen to your arms, a scientist told me. Instead, give up grocery shopping completely, make the kids do bring it in or, better yet, leave them all in the back of the car, they’ll be fine and will certainly not spoil…

Tired at work


How to win at being lazy

If you’re serious about your training, you should be looking to get extra sleep in during the day. Having little naps at work, especially at your desk and preferably in front of your boss, will ensure you are getting the most optimum efficiency from this important area of recovery.

If you’re not much of a napper, I have an alternative that works quite well. Getting your legs elevated will help blood rotate through your body easier, thus decreasing time to full recovery. Again, do this at work, ideally in front of your boss, for maximum benefits.

One of my clients had a partner who persistently asked them to do various household chores. One of the worst for recovery is gardening. Every week during the summer the lawn needs mowing and the bushes trimming. I suggested that they should work harder and employ a gardener, offer up the kids to do it, or simply stop doing it, but unfortunately this didn’t have the desired effect. Instead, we settled on simply salting the garden which was the perfect resolution, once his wife left him…

My final suggestion is for those who have kids, the type of kids that won’t leave you alone and want to play all the time. While I’m certain there is a nice compromise here, a way to find activities that reduce your physical exertion for example, the most effective method of child avoidance is to simply to cover yourself in decaying turtle matter - instant child repeller. This study found that this, and several other smells, will be ample in fending off needy children, and you don’t even have a nose, right?

The lazier you are, the faster you'll go



The lazier you are, the faster you’ll go.


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