Hello and welcome to the ADAM COPLEY: PERSONAL TRAINING blog. Here you will find weekly updates designed to educate you on strength and conditioning for cycling. Over the coming weeks I will be covering all aspects of conditioning your body for cycling and how it can benefit you in terms of comfort, speed, and improving your riding. So, without further delay. Let’s get right into this week’s entry!

Let’s chat about cycling, and being responsible for our actions, and reputation as cyclists.

In the UK we are allowed out once a day at the minute to exercise, this can be from a walk, run or cycle. The weather is stunning, blue skies, no wind and warm enough to be nice, but not too warm that it's unbearable. This is perfect cycling weather.

HOWEVER, there is still this worldwide pandemic and many people are taking liberties. Driving to beauty spots to walk, run or cycle, and this is quite irresponsible. With this blog I wanted to create something to help us out as a community, to give ways of cycling safely, and within the rules.

1: Don’t go too far:

Yes it is perfect cycling weather but try not to stray too far from home. Instead of getting the big 60+ mile rides in, create a circuit that you can do from home. That might include a few climbs, some descending and some flat cadence work. You could make this circuit 20 miles long, so you are relatively close and just lap it. Three laps of it and you have done 60 miles, all without being too far away from home in case of a mechanical. That way you can walk or free wheel back and you are not putting anyone at risk of a fine to come and get you and you are also not wasting taxi drivers time when they could be driving more important people about.

2: Go out prepared:

With the increase in temperature, you will need more water. Remember it always takes time for our bodies to adjust to an increase in temperature. Take more water than usual and regularly drink it.

Remember you can add electrolytes in too to make up for what you lose during heat and ensure you stay HYDRATED.

Make sure you aren’t caught short on water and food, take a gel with you at all times in case you need an emergency bail out.  Just be prepared and organised.

3: Stay at home if you can:

The weather is amazing, but we should be a responsible community at this time and not to be taking the p**s. If you have a turbo or rollers then get it set up in the garden and get some outdoor indoors training done. I am aware it isn’t as fun as regular cycling, but sometimes needs must.

There are plenty of online (Zwift or RGT) competitions to take part in too so you can quench that thirst in the virtual world too. Enjoy the confines of your sunny garden and get some turbo training done outside. Your body and the world will thank you for it.

During times like these it is important to understand the benefits of cycling on our mental and physical health, but it is also important for us to act responsibly and not go taking liberties. I personally have no issues with being out on the road bike; as long as you follow the simple parameters and use a bit of common sense when out riding. If you can stay at home, stay at home and exercise.

I have a ton of content available on my website www.adamcopleypt.com so please feel free to use that.

Let’s get through this safely and show the world that cyclists are leading by example with regards to sensible outdoor exercise.

Stay safe, stay active and stay well.

Have an amazing week.

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