More and more events in sport are being cancelled or postponed. Of course, health and well-being is  top of the priority list, but this is still a bitter pill to swallow if you were working hard and preparing for your special event or main goal of the season. 

So what should we do from here? Well, first of all don’t give up. In this blog we will discuss how to tackle the loss of goals and in what way you can keep your motivation up and ride through it.

Plan big

If your main goal of the season is cancelled, or probably postponed until next year, make it your next big goal in 2021. For 2020, discuss with your coach and pick a new goal or event that you will work towards. Talk to your coach and discuss where your weaknesses are and in which areas you can improve. Have this new goal in mind and be ready when the events finally come.

Plan small

Short term goals are the small kicks that get you going when the training gets hard and your focus is dropping. Setting small goals will keep you going in this time. Visit your local climbs and try to beat your PR or even break that ever illusive Strava KOM. Specific training will bring benefits in this time and seeing yourself smash your power bests will propel you even further.


This is also the perfect time to learn something new. Read a book, listen to your favorite podcast or even learn how to fix your bike or make it faster. Also join our FB forum and be a part of our ever growing community. In these times, when everyone’s motivation is running low, you will be gaining small benefits which you could you use next time you will need it. Learning doesn’t necessary need to be about sport and cycling neither. Maybe reading a new book will give you a new perspective.

Spend time with your loved ones

It’s also time to be with the people you love. Life has just showed us how precious our loved ones are. Spend time with them and simply have fun. 


Don’t stress out if your main competition is cancelled. It is cancelled for everybody and not just you. Now is not the time to be angry and disappointed, but a time to be calm and work hard. Your mind will be at ease if you do everything that your coach prescribed for you. Maybe even a small break will help you to achieve better form.

Speak with your coach

You know what? Now it’s also time to have some fun and do something that you have never tried before. Speak with your coach and see what you can incorporate into your routine. Also if you have questions ask them to improve your knowledge and help your coach tailor you program to your best needs.

Remember you can still race

Virtual cycling platforms have really boomed in 2020. Their increase in users has been astronomical. So why not join them and race against everybody else. It is fun and will push you to your limits. On an easy day, you could just explore the virtual world and talk with your friends at the same time, or if you fancy a challenge join a coach led virtual training ride Sounds way more fun than watching out of the window and thinking when you could ride outside…

Get in Contact

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