Hello and welcome to the ADAM COPLEY: PERSONAL TRAINING blog. Here you will find weekly updates designed to educate you on strength and conditioning for cycling. Over the coming weeks I will be covering all aspects of conditioning your body for cycling and how it can benefit you in terms of comfort, speed, and improving your riding. So, without further delay. Let’s get right into this week’s entry!

This first week is more of an introduction to myself, and the blog but I will try and include some interesting segments in here:

So, about me.

My name is Adam Copley. I am a self-employed coach based in Sheffield, UK. Alongside this I am an avid cyclist and compete in cross country mountain biking across the UK. I have raced Cyclocross during the winter and am also a huge lover of road cycling. While I’m not working on my business, I am usually out on two wheels getting fitter, and enjoying the fresh air and many climbs in the peak district.

I work with people on a 1-1 and an online basis, developing fitness, recovering people from injury and helping people to build a more conditioned body/physique.

During my time as a coach I have worked with all manor of people, from national level athlete’s in a number of sports to the general public who just want to get fitter, lose a bit of weight or improve their fitness for their chosen sport. I have worked within mountain biking, road cycling, climbing and speedway to name a few sports.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to teach you some of what I have learned over the years and hopefully, improve your cycling journey.

Over the coming weeks I will be showing you how strength and conditioning can:

  • Make your riding more comfortable when you are out for long periods of time.
  • Improve your power delivery and power you up the hills.
  • Develop your out of the saddle endurance and power, showing you ways, you can out pace your mates on the sprints.
  • And much, much more!

First though. I would like to set you a challenge. I want you to think about your strengths, and weaknesses on the bike and assess how you feel you can improve these. Once you have done this get in touch with me on my website, or on social media and let’s get talking!

Thank you for your time guys. 

Next week we will cover how strength and conditioning can improve your comfort during long, and short rides.

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